Our deep knowledge of the skills, dynamics, communication, and job requirements for executive assistants allows us to not only serve our clients by filling vacant positions, but also optimize the effectiveness of assistants who are already in-place.

Retained Administrative Search Services

KMA is often called in when other recruiting attempts fail. We excel at finding world-class executive assistants for CEOs, managing directors, or rising stars.

    • We Find the Right Match: We meet with and interview our clients up-front so we completely understand the required skills the assistant will need. We also assess the best match in terms of personality, temperament, work experience, energy-level, and dozens of nuanced qualities that we know through experience ensures the perfect fit for our clients.


    • We Save You Valuable Time: Most recruiting firms will send dozens of candidate resumes to an executive, making it the client’s job to cull through them. We, on the other hand, perform painstaking in-depth screening and analysis in order to present, at most, two or three ideal candidates, saving our clients countless hours of time.


    • We Minimize Our Clients’ Risk: We thoroughly search for the highest qualified, most appropriate candidates that fit with our clients’ unique criteria. Once identified, we interview candidates at length and perform extensive background and reference checks before our clients meet them.


  • We Maximize Our Clients’ Efficiency: If an established administrative team is already in place, we also provide Administrative Infrastructure Consulting and Executive Support Coaching Services to help maximize productivity and strengthen the working relationship between clients and their administrative support.

Consulting Services

Administrative Infrastructure Consulting

When a client’s need is for guidance regarding the structure and effectiveness of an administrative team, KMA can help. We provide in-depth analysis and consultation to improve the workflow productivity, morale and performance of administrative staff.

Executive Support Coaching – Assisting Clients With Their Assistants

We offer one-on-one consulting / coaching for top-level executives, helping them to:

  • Better leverage their time through improved administrative processes and communication systems
  • Analyze and resolve patterns of administrative turnover
  • Eliminate discord or friction between the assistant and executive and/or the executive team

We meet one-on-one with our clients to objectively assess the dynamics of their current situation using our in-depth understanding of the skills and interpersonal dynamics involved in creating and sustaining successful executive-executive assistant relationships.

Our goal is to empower our clients with truthful feedback, insights, best practices, and practical techniques that they can implement immediately to achieve highly effective results.

"Kathy Macdonald's wealth of experience puts her in a unique position to help senior executives cope with this critical task"

Frank Herringer
CEO and Chairman
Transamerica Corporation