The First Step in Hiring a Great Executive Assistant

Twenty-eight years ago, I was called in by a VP of HR to find an Executive Assistant for my very first client: Steve Jobs.

What to Look For in a Great Executive Assistant— 5 Hiring Tips

We have been approached by a few executive coaches and HR groups that ask— what to look for in a great Executive Assistant (EA). The key is to know that a “great EA” for one executive might not be so great for another!

The Six-Figure Executive Assistant

The role of the Executive Assistant has dramatically changed in the past 20 years. We have gone from assistants providing administrative “support” to assistants providing “leverage.”

Meet the “Executive Business Partner”

The Executive Business Partner embodies the best of the company’s culture and serves as an ambassador for the CEO. Here’s why.

The DNA of a Great Executive Assistant

Learn the Top 10 Traits of Great Executive Assistants – based on thousands of candidate interviews over the past 28 years.

Building a Partnership With Your Executive Assistant

CEOs we’ve worked with experience a higher level of productivity and effectiveness when they learn to partner with their assistants.

Do You Have What it Takes? What Executive Assistants Value in their Executive

There is a wide range of Executive Assistants out there, and they all have distinctly different skill sets, aptitudes, and preferences!

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